metamallows app roadmap


It's Mint Time!

Save a Metamallow from the cold winter, join other fellow Metamallows on Discord, and sip a mug of hot chocolate with us. All NFT passionates, Influencers, crypto investors, coders, and artists will be invited to our sweet party!

One week after reveal

Stake Your Metamallow in a Firepit!

You will earn $LOVE tokens by warming up your Metamallow in a firepit. For that, you will be able to stake your metamallows in this website and earn passive income. Yes! More than an NFT your Metamallow will be an asset that generate tokens while you sleep!

One week after staking opens

Use Your $LOVE Tokens!

Stakers will be able to trade $LOVE tokens for early whitelist access in hot upcoming NFT projects with our unique marketplace! You will get WLs before most influencers just by holding a Metamallow!

When marketplace countdown ends

Let's Make Babies!

You made so much $LOVE in the firepit parties that now you will be able to use it to mint a FREE Baby Metamallow (with special perks), and receive gifts/utilities that we will keep as a secret for now.

Q4 2022

Metamallows Decentralized

We believe in the power of our community and decentralization, that’s why we will leave this step for our community to choose in order for everyone to get the best utility and value from this project. We don’t want this to be just another “forgotten NFT” in your wallet. Our main goal is to make your Metamallow as profitable as possible, either in a bull or bear market! (Shhhh… Don’t tell this to NFT flippers 😉)

Q4 2022

The BIG Delicious Secret!

The BIG Metamallow secret will finally be revealed! We truly believe in under promisse and over deliver. That’s why we will leave the best part for the end, together we will spread the most happiness and love in the NFT space!

*disclaimer: we do not have any affiliation with the projects shown above nor we have any partnerships with them. Their images and names were used for illustration and explanation purpouses only, and all image and name rights are reserved to them.